Designing office spaces that are functional and comfortable is obviously a critical step in any design and construct project, however the ability to consider and implement the company’s culture, values and brand into the design and fit-out has been demonstrated to provide numerous benefits; leading to a more engaged and productive workforce in addition to delivering improved brand consistency and endorsement.

The ability to communicate all these elements into the design and fit-out of your office is often confused with simply showcasing the logo and painting a wall. Unfortunately, the approach requires much more thought; it is a process of taking the characteristics of what make a company great, and expressing them through experiences. This necessitates careful consideration from the beginning of the design and construct project.





Have a clear understanding of what you are looking to create

Do you want open-plan for free sharing of ideas and staff engagement? Will the obvious segmentation of functions serve a positive purpose? How best do your staff currently operate? And how will you more effectively communicate the company’s story to your visiting customers?

Engage with staff and customers for ideas to ensure your space will reflect their perceptions, desires and aspirations

By providing staff with the ability to communicate how they work best, along with sharing ideas and concerns regarding the work space – you are not only gaining meaningful insights but also demonstrating that you value their opinions and work preferences. Likewise, it is important to understand the expectations of your customers. What is it that they want to see when they visit your office? How do they want to feel while visiting your location?

Engage with an experienced and skilled team to provide the office design and fit-out

By engaging with an experienced and highly skilled team, you are more likely to create an environment, rather than just a space for people to work.

Akura understands this. Through our consultative approach during the design + construct + manage process, we gain insight into who you are as a company which allows us to suggest fit-out and interior design applications that are reflective of your brand and will ensure satisfied and productive staff members.

For more on how we can customise a design and construct solution for you, inclusive of office design and fit-out, contact our friendly team