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How Akura Competes with Logistics in Bathurst

How Akura Competes with Bathurst Logistics: Overcoming Geographical Barriers


In the realm of construction and manufacturing, geographical location often poses a challenge. Some may argue that companies based outside major metropolitan areas face limitations in servicing clients efficiently, especially when competing with local entities. However, here at Akura, despite being located in Bathurst, NSW, we've carved a niche for ourselves in the industry by providing top-notch logistics services that cater to clients not only in Bathurst but across NSW, QLD, ACT, and regional VIC. In this article, we will talk about the specifics of how we compete in logistics, debunking misconceptions and showcasing our capabilities.


Chris S with Akura Truck


Trucks and Drivers: Powering Our Logistics Engine


At the heart of our logistical expertise lies our fleet of trucks and dedicated drivers. With a team of skilled truck drivers and a network of reliable subcontractors across Australia, we ensure seamless transportation of materials and equipment to various project sites. We have built strong relationships with these subcontractors over the years, which not only enhances our efficiency but also reinforces our commitment to timely deliveries and quality service.


We have four prime movers accompanied by a versatile range of trailer configurations tailored to specific cargo requirements. For instance, our specialised trailers for panels and steel, equipped with features like drop decks and extendable flattops, enable efficient transportation of the construction essentials. Despite geographical constraints such as restrictions over Mt Victoria for B-Doubles, we maximise efficiency by leveraging B-Double combinations for cost-effective deliveries, particularly to Canberra. These configurations reduce the need for additional subcontractors, further streamlining our operations and enhancing cost efficiency for us and the client.


Each of our trucks, predominantly Kenworth models, is equipped for long-haul journeys, with drivers allocated to individual vehicles to maintain consistency and efficiency. Our logistical allocator and coordinator meticulously plans each trip, considering factors like project scale and route optimisation to ensure timely and problem-free deliveries. With approximately 10-12 semi-trailers operational at any given time per job, we demonstrate our capacity to handle large-scale projects with ease. Akura also leverage industry initiatives such as HML (High Mass Limit), BFM (Basic Fatigue Management) and PBS (Performance based Standards) to allow us to further improve our loads, capabilities and improve efficiencies.


Akura Truck Loaded with Precast Panels 

Location: Extending Our Reach Beyond Boundaries


While our headquarters may be nestled in Bathurst, our service footprint extends far beyond regional borders. With a strong network of contractors in key areas like Canberra, we've established robust relationships over the years, fostering a sense of camaraderie akin to being part of the Akura family. These contractors, often representing us on-site, contribute significantly to the seamless execution of projects, irrespective of geographical distance.


Product: Delivering To Standard, Every Time


Our commitment to excellence extends beyond logistical efficiency to encompass the delivery of high-quality products. At Akura, we understand that the success of any construction project hinges on the quality of materials used. That's why we adhere to the highest standards throughout the procurement and transportation process, ensuring that our clients receive nothing short of the best.


When it comes to transporting panels and steel, we employ meticulous care to safeguard their integrity. This ensures that they reach their destination in pristine condition, ready for installation without any compromise on quality. With an average of two panels per truck, weighing between 8 to 10 tonnes each, and up to 6-7 panels transported in certain configurations, we accelerate project timelines without compromising on quality. Similarly, steel transportation, averaging around 20 tonnes per truck and 28 tonnes with combination trailers, underscores our capacity to handle diverse construction materials efficiently.


Our product delivery standards set us apart from the competition and reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence. By prioritising quality at every stage of the transportation process, we empower our clients to embark on their construction projects with confidence, knowing that they have a reliable partner in Akura. From panels to steel, we deliver quality, every time.


Logistics Team with loaded Akura Truck


Distance: Planning for Success


Effective logistics planning is paramount for us, with preparations commencing a months in advance of project execution. Pre-site inspections are conducted to assess logistical feasibility, accounting for variables such as power lines and truck access points. This meticulous planning ensures smooth operations on the day of delivery, minimising disruptions and maximising productivity. Delivery timelines vary based on project complexity, ranging from days to months, highlighting our adaptability and responsiveness to client needs.


With a wave of confidence in Akura's logistics, we showcase how strategic planning, a reliable fleet, and a dedicated team overcome geographical barriers. Despite our location in the Central West, our extensive service network and efficient logistics framework empower us to compete effectively on a regional and interstate level.


The next time you see an Akura truck on the road, rest assured that behind every delivery lies a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Embracing innovation and prioritising customer-centric solutions, Akura continues to redefine industry standards, demonstrating that excellence transcends geographical limitations.


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