The revival of healthy, capable and broad-based manufacturing in Australia is fast becoming a reality as we progress to the other side a global pandemic.

Strong Australians holding the torch through adversity are emerging leaner, more innovative and nimbler than ever before. And with the public newly aware of the importance of buying locally, now is the time to foster manufacturing innovation and growth of your business.

One of the ways to enhance your manufacturing business’ success is through construction of a purpose-built facility: a building that is built for just you. All the big corporations are doing it. Alpha Flight Services. Swanston. Flender. Toll. Super AMart.

And given that the manufacturing and industrial industry in Australia is tipped to come out on the other end of Covid-19 unscathed, there’s never been a better time for you to follow in the same footsteps.

A purpose-built facility – Maximise your return

Over the years we have seen many businesses grow exponentially after transitioning to a new purpose-built facility. Purpose-built allows businesses to tailor their building to suit them before they move in, rather than the other way around. Benefits include:

  • Increased production capacity and efficiencies equals increased profits.
  • Best use of your site. You can ensure the space is used to its maximum potential. Don’t leave any corner bare. And if you want, you can even include space in your design to sub-let – which could help pay the bills.
  • More professional. You can tailor the building to suit your brand.

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How To: Custom Design The Ultimate Manufacturing Facility

Keep in mind that a carefully designed facility is key to maximising production efficiencies. As such, when you’re considering a custom build of your manufacturing facility, it’s important you take into account a range of design factors. These include:

  • Materials handling considerations – overhead gantry cranes, forklift operations, loading and vehicular movements
  • Tailored power and energy for business requirements
  • Custom office layout
  • Mezzanine floors for increased storage
  • Adequate access and door sizes for large equipment
  • Spray booths
  • Waste oil separators
  • Workshop floor service pits
  • Integrate goods lifts and other fixed equipment and machinery
  • Thickened or post tensioned slabs

You’ll also want to consider location, the number of people you need to account for in the space, and your budget.

Reap The Rewards Faster With Akura

Through collaboration, Akura helps to deliver tangible business outcomes, not just technical solutions. We work with clients from start to finish, from assisting to find appropriate land for your manufacturing facility, through to obtaining the relevant approvals. Then of course, design and development.

In-house design and manufacture of key structural elements will control costs and help you to achieve fast build times. This means you can fast-track your return on investment by moving in earlier and getting your business fully operational.

We’ve been helping businesses in the industrial, agricultural and commercial industries for over 40 years, offering full steel and panel packages, complete design and construction solutions, and customised land and building packages.

If you want to learn more, get in touch to talk to one of our consultants today.