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The traditional principal-led approach to construction projects has fast been sidelined by the growing popularity of design and construct (D&C) service delivery, given the myriad of benefits the method affords to the owner and occupier.

Whilst traditional contracting methods will continue to be one of many construction procurement options, it is important to understand why so many are now opting for complete D&C building solutions.





Time savings thus faster project completion

One of the main aspects of enlisting a D&C builder is the ability to pass on the responsibilities associated with design, obtaining DA certifications and managing the various trades on-site. This frees up time associated with managing the project and provides the principal with one point of contact; minimising confusion and poor communication. Design and build projects also provide time savings given that:

– In many cases, construction can commence prior to the design being finalised

– Works are streamlined; allowing for fluid arrival and departure of trades to the site

– The ability to uncover construction problems at an earlier stage is heightened in comparison to the traditional principal-led approach.


Design and construction efficiencies

When engaging an experienced D&C builder, you are also accessing a wealth of knowledge gained through their experience within the construction industry. This allows for efficiencies and innovations to be applied to the design and construction phases. In addition, design and construction details can continue to be developed and optimised throughout the entire process; ensuring that the focus remains solely on the principal’s interest.


Quality control

With expert project management staff, D&C builders can more effectively oversee all aspects of the construction project. This means that both the materials and workers employed for the project are more likely to be of a higher quality. The D&C approach also tends to cultivate a focus on teamwork and cooperation; this enhances the quality of work conducted and interrelation between trades.

By engaging with an experienced team like Akura to manage the entire design and build process, you are able to access efficiencies, time savings and ensure a level of quality that may otherwise be unobtainable by taking the traditional construction route.




Akura’s expert staff project manage every element of the construction phase on-site, and take a consultative approach with our clients; delivering timely updates throughout the project life-cycle. This is the ultimate streamlined approach when it comes to undertaking a construction project that arrives within budget, is fit for purpose and provides an excellent return on investment.


For more information on Akura’s complete Design and Construct service, to view past projects or to speak with a member of our friendly team, contact the Akura Office.