When it comes to workplace safety, unfortunately the construction industry continues to lead Australia’s number of workplace fatalities.

With this in mind, it is crucial that your work site is not only safe but more importantly, that your workers both recognise the importance of workplace safety and also implement safe working practices.

In order to ensure a safe, productive and efficient working environment, there are a few initiatives you can implement; reducing the risks and likelihood of an accident or injury occurring on your site.





Provide the appropriate training

Not everyone will come to your work-site with the skills that you require, thus it is important that you provide the necessary training to ensure that they not only understand the importance of safety but also take the necessary steps to operate on-site in a safe way.

Ensure that workers are not put in situations they cannot handle, and that those that are inexperienced are teamed up with experienced staff to supervise them on-the-job.

Set the safety standard

As the old saying goes; lead by example. Demonstrate how you expect your workers to operate on-site. Ensure that the importance of safety is embedded in the culture of the work-site, and create a sense of teamwork in the safety effort.


Communication is critical in the effective and efficient operation of any workplace, however more so when there is machinery, equipment and tools involved. By meeting every morning, you have the ability to communicate to your team what is planned for the day, along with the ability to highlight and discuss critical safety concerns.

Having appropriate signage around the site is also critical in notifying workers and visitors of hazards.

Maintain an organised work-site

By maintaining a clean and organised work-site, the likelihood of accidents and injuries occurring is minimised. Plan a daily clean-up and set the standards in terms of the level of organisation expected on-site. This also provides the opportunity for the regular inspection of tools and equipment. The creation of checklists will help to trigger workers to identify certain hazards and ensure nothing is missed.


Safety equipment

Make it a requirement that all workers, visitors and managers on your site wear the necessary safety equipment and ensure it is readily available. By implementing this stringent requirement, you are also helping to set the safety standard expected on-site.




Akura’s expert staff project manage every element of the construction phase on-site. We take pride in our ability to deliver construction projects that come within budget, are fit for purpose and provide excellent returns on investment all while ensuring our focus on workplace safety is not compromised.


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