A warehouse construction project is a major undertaking which can be both complex and time-consuming. The planning stage is crucial to achieving a functional, safe and fit-for-purpose outcome.

The combination of design, layout, infrastructure, systems, process and people are key to warehouse efficiency; with the design element playing a focal role in accommodating business requirements and maximising the utility of space.

The opportunity for cost savings can be identified primarily within the preliminary stages of design, where an experienced design and construct team can both optimise an existing building design, or create a tailor made solution matching the exact requirements of the project.





  • Precast panels can be designed to handle structural building loads which minimises the requirement for other structural components

  • They have the ability to be efficiently manufactured which provides both cost and time savings for the end user

  • Installation is immediate; thus providing significant operation efficiencies given there is no requirement to wait for the panels to gain strength and weather does not delay production

  • The quality and uniformity of precast panels is to the highest standard given tightly controlled processes and plant environments

  • Precast panels have exceptional longevity, they do not deteriorate, lose strength or degrade due to exposure to sunlight or freezing temperatures

  • Precast concrete possesses excellent insulation properties; a fantastic advantage in industrial and commercial applications

  • Precast concrete is comprised of natural materials, thus is non-toxic and environmentally safe

  • Panels can be erected onto a steel frame which generally saves considerable time in comparison to the use of other materials





Furthermore, precast panels combined with structural steel as a construction system allows for time and cost efficiencies, in addition to having the ability to minimise people and equipment on-site, not to mention delivery and erection can be better streamlined.

Fortunately through Akura’s structural steel and precast concrete manufacturing plant, we have the ability to streamline the construction process; producing cost and time savings for our clients.

For more information on Akura’s manufacturing capabilities, or our ability to customise a design and construct building solution for you, please contact our friendly team.