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Championing Health & Wellbeing of Australian Tradies

Tradies National Health Month is an essential initiative that sheds light on the health and injury risks impacting individuals engaged in trade occupations. This awareness extends to tradies themselves, their families, employers, and the wider community. Startling statistics reveal that nearly 3 out of 5 serious workplace injuries involve tradies, even though they constitute only 30 percent of the workforce. The imperative to prioritise the health of tradies is undeniable.

At Akura, we hold a profound commitment to the health, safety, and overall wellbeing of our valued team members. This dedication drives us to provide comprehensive training and education that contribute to enhancing the resilience, mental acuity, and physical vitality of the Akura team. Guided by our unwavering motto, "Safely Home - Everyone, every day," Akura is committed to ensuring the safety of all.

Top Reasons Physios Can Help Tradies

This year's theme for Tradies National Health Month highlights reasons physio can help tradies including; Acting early when it comes to low back pain, setting your vehicles up for longevity, and longer sleeps making for a longer careers.

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  1. Prioritise Safety and Smart Work Practices

Tradies often face a higher risk of workplace injuries due to physical strains like lifting, bending, and pushing.

Physiotherapists are experts in muscles, joints, and bones. They provide essential guidance on risk assessment, safety protocols, and manual handling to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Occupational Health physiotherapists also offer ergonomic advice and workplace design strategies for a sustainable career.

  1. Swift Action Against Low Back Pain

One in six Australians suffer from low back pain, especially tradies engaged in repetitive tasks. Early intervention is crucial to prevent acute pain from becoming chronic.

Physiotherapy treatment helps prevent, manage, and recover from low back pain. Tailored exercise programmes, injury management, and return-to-work strategies are part of the comprehensive approach.

  1. Promoting Lifelong Vitality

Three-quarters of Australian adults don't meet recommended physical activity standards, raising the risk of chronic conditions. Occupational physical activity doesn't provide the same benefits as leisure-time exercise.

Physiotherapists design practical, customised programmes that fit your schedule and goals, ensuring physical well-being for work and life.

  1. Adapting Work as You Age

Adapting tasks to your changing body is essential for a safe, effective, and long career. Occupational health physiotherapists specialise in supporting your body's evolution over time.

Simple changes like incorporating breaks during repetitive tasks, using tools to prevent strains, and embracing technology ensure your well-being as you age.

  1. Driving Longevity with Vehicle Ergonomics

Tradies spend significant time in vehicles, facing risks like poor seating and vibrations. Proper vehicle setup is essential for safety and comfort.

Occupational Health Physiotherapists specialise in evaluating vehicle ergonomics. Their guidance on adjustments ensures a secure and comfortable driving experience.

  1. Enhancing Career Longevity with Quality Sleep

Tradies often experience inadequate sleep, which can lead to increased risks of accidents and chronic conditions. Physiotherapists offer interventions to address sleep issues caused by pain and stress, including hands-on treatments and customised exercises. They also provide advice on bedding and sleeping positions tailored to your changing needs.

Visit for more health tip and tricks when it comes to tradies health along with the comprehensive details on top reasons physio's can help tradies.


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Credit: Australian Physiotherapy Association